17 April 2012 @ 03:49 pm
in my life; or, i never made promises lightly  
I am petitioning to graduate next semester, only three semesters behind schedule (it'll be my eleventh). The ~Goldenrod Form~ UHM uses as ~Certification of Fulfillment of Major Requirements~ is currently folded in half and shoved into my purse. Just because it's my ticket to freedom doesn't mean I'm going to treat it any differently. Not to mention, it is sandwiched with the ~Declaration of Major: Colleges of Arts and Sciences, For Currently Enrolled and Classified Students Only~ form. I am going to graduate with a BA in English once I've switched from my dusty declared BS in Biology, only eight semesters behind schedule (I switched course-wise in my third).

Basically how this will go next week:



LULU. I want to be considered for admission in the department.

LADY. Sure thing.

LULU. And I need a department advisor.

LADY. Well, all right.

LULU. And they need to sign off my ~Goldenrod Form~

LADY stares down LULU before ducking into the dilapidated office of the head of the department, dilapidated only because the department is so marginalised. LULU proceeds to quote from Billy Shakester despite her self-proclaimed hate of the man.

LULU. Or not to be.

As the Hive Queen would have it, I watched this video right after gathering up all my forms. What a wonderful time to (finally) graduate. I mean, if we ignore the latest findings negating the Mayan 2012 apocalypse, I'll have my degree in time for Christmas but won't have to worry about being poor since the world will end shortly thereafter. La. Di. Da.